A familiar problem: you have invested heavily in various business applications to simplify processes. Unfortunately, these applications no longer work properly due to changed processes or technical malfunctions. Alternatively, your applications may not collaborate properly among each other.


With our years of experience in IT and so-called “legacy systems,” we have seen it all. We would be happy to assist your organization by updating your applications and bringing them in line with the latest standards.


After the renewal of your application, we would be delighted to continue providing support, ensuring that you no longer have to worry and can focus on your business operations.


IBMA Solutions is an initiative by Matthijs de Graaf, an IT entrepreneur from Borne.

“During my work for various companies, I noticed that many businesses face the same problem: outdated applications. These applications no longer align with their business operations or are not functioning properly from a technical standpoint. The original developer is no longer available, and starting from scratch would require a significant investment. As a result, these applications are either left unused or cause frustration among employees.”

With IBMA Solutions, we help companies improve, replace, or enhance existing applications. With extended knowledge and an extensive network of (freelance) software developers, designers, data analysts, and system administrators, we can provide the right solution for most problems. We thoroughly enjoy working collaboratively with clients to enhance their business processes and help them work smarter and more efficiently.

At IBMA Solutions, we believe in delivering future-proof, tailor-made solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients.


We are here to assist you with all your technical challenges.

Development of new software

Modernising and optimising existing applications

Assist and coaching of your development teams

Connecting applications through usage of secure API’s

Development of client portals and other access points for your customers and suppliers

Training and development of your staff

Assist your personell with better mobile apps and other secure off-site tools

We can help you map your business using KPI dashboards and automated data analyses

Migrations from on-site hardware to the cloud

API links between your applications and data layers

Integration of SSO-solutions to have the abilty to sign-on with a safe and secure company login

Our Products

We develop tailor made software solutions for various clients of any size. – All your business shipments organized – All your business shipments organized

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